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Instant data capture and reporting for clinical pharmacists

What Is ClinicalCapture?

ClinicalCapture is a data capture tool designed especially for clinical pharmacists in both hospital and community-based roles.

The software is designed to run on Windows, Mac, any Windows-based tablet and Apple iPad, making it completely portable and suited to almost any IT environment.

A full reporting module delivers real-time statistics on the pharmacist’s actions, measuring patient outcomes, GP engagement and accurate medicine cost implications for interventions made.

Who Is It For?

ClinicalCapture was originally developed to serve the needs of a community-based pharmacist completing medication reviews in patients’ homes, GP surgeries and care homes.

The design, workflow and features of the software were guided directly by the pharmacist, making ClinicalCapture a uniquely familiar and user-friendly environment for its intended users.

ClinicalCapture has been deployed in both the NHS and private pharmacies to meet the requirements of a variety of community-based projects.

The software is highly customisable, allowing us to add or extend existing features to meet the precise needs of your project.

Why Is ClinicalCapture Better Than Excel?

Many data capture projects begin and end with an Excel spreadsheet. So why use ClinicalCapture?

Whilst Excel is a powerful data analysis tool, its blank-canvas approach, rigid two-dimensional grids and abundance of features make it unapproachable for casual users. Excel is also difficult to adapt to your specific needs. Complex reporting can also require a lot of data manipulation, sometimes across multiple files, which is time consuming even for experienced users.

ClinicalCapture solves the problem with clear and simple data entry forms, which anyone can use, built to mirror a real pharmacist’s workflow. All the complex data logging and calculations take place behind the scenes, so the user can focus exclusively on the data which is important to their patient and job role. And when it’s time to report, all the key information is already calculated and ready to present with zero time or labour overhead.

Fixed, inflexible grids
User can accidentally change and break the layout or formulae
A moderate level of user experience is needed
Prone to misspellings and errors in data entry
Difficult to manage files and report on data across lots of workbooks
Pharmacy-focussed and user-friendly
Form layouts and calculations cannot be ‘broken’ accidentally
Layouts designed to match a pharmacist’s natural workflow, user can only enter data in the correct fields
Dropdown menus, checkboxes and data validation minimise errors and help to standardise data input
No file or data management necessary

How Can I Justify The Purchase?

With the healthcare industry heavily focussed on proactive care and preventing hospital admission, many organisations are commissioning new community-based projects to meet this objective.

To justify the effectiveness of such projects, both in terms of patient outcomes and cost effectiveness, efficient standardised and reliable data capture has become more important than ever.

Equally important is being able to process that data immediately, without incurring additional expense in time and labour costs for data standardisation, consolidation and reporting.

ClinicalCapture’s earliest adopters have used the tool to demonstrate quite incredible results in drug cost savings and waste reduction alone, using community-based pharmacy roles.

One example was a single pharmacist working a 3.5 day week, visiting elderly patients at home for medication reviews. This project identified annual drug cost savings of over £100,000 simply by stopping contra-indicated, unwanted or otherwise incorrect medications being dispensed. This does not even account for improved patient wellbeing or hospital admission avoidance. The entire project was run by a single pharmacist using ClinicalCapture.

Exactly What Can ClinicalCapture Do?

A high-level overview of features:

Appointment details
Patient’s existing medicines
Health observations e.g. blood pressure, test results
Clinical interventions
Medicine management interventions
Referrals to other services
Up-to-date drug tariff information and costs
Auto-calculate costs/savings of any medicine changes
Photo log for capturing evidence of medicine waste
Real-time reporting console for stats and graphs
Intervention importance grading (to measure effectiveness of service)
Action log - what recommendations are actioned / outstanding and by whom
Multi-user access for pooled reporting on teams of users
Runs natively on iPad / iPhone / Windows Tablet

Technical Information

ClinicalCapture is a set of forms, scripts and calculations built upon the FileMaker Pro database platform.


FileMaker Pro has been around for nearly 25 years on both PC and Mac and is one of the most well-established and mature database design products on the market.

The FileMaker tool allows us to build solutions such as ClinicalCapture, allowing our software run on the majority of computers, tablets and other mobile devices on the market today.

With FileMaker at the back-end, we are able to offer ClinicalCapture as a fully multi-user solution, with pooled data storage and shared reporting from a single user to very large teams. The software can be made accessible over the internet or stored securely on-device.

Running a single copy of ClinicalCapture requires only a very modest hardware specification, with the vast majority of computers up to 7 years old being able to run the software. Mobile devices such as iPads should be a little more recent.

What Does ClinicalCapture Cost?

ClinicalCapture licenses start from £900 + VAT per user, including an education/non-profit FileMaker license which is also required.

All deployments will receive a no-obligation quote upon request, which is especially important for large-scale deployments where a dedicated data storage server and other infrastructure requirements may be required. We can help to manage such a deployment in liaison with your exiting IT service provider or independently.

The final price will also be dependent upon your organisation’s status (whether commercial, education or non-profit), as this influences the cost of the FileMaker license.

Our terms allow for a no-obligation trial period if you wish to test out the software before committing.

A full support service is also available from £250 per year, to include maintenance releases and unlimited end-user telephone and remote support from 9-5, Monday to Friday.

The software is also customisable, by quotation, if you have specific needs which are not directly addressed by the software in its current form.

Individual User

  • One-off purchase per user
  • Static at current version
  • Basic deployment support
  • Copy of FileMaker Pro

Three Users

  • Separate reporting
  • One-off purchase per user
  • Ongoing 9-5 support and maintenance updates
  • Copy of FileMaker Pro
£900 x 3 plus £250 x 3 annually

Multi-User Deployment

  • 10 users with server
  • Remote access
  • Pooled data capture
  • Reporting and end-user support
  • Copy of FileMaker Pro

ClinicalCapture is a product owned and supported by Purple Computing. Get in touch using the details or form below.